The Library

Wabash Church welcomes you to our library’s online catalog, but the real books are at our church – in the Library.  Wabash Church is in Auburn, Washington, and a few years ago celebrated its centennial year.  The library collection began October 15, 1990 in Garrett Hall, next to our original building, and moved into its own room in the new building where we keep our books today.

We want to let the Wabash congregation easily find out what books we have in the Wabash Library.  Each book has a post with the title and author of the item.  Currently we are not listing everything, but our goal is to include all items for easy browsing.  Join our followers and you will receive an email of new books as we add them.

Find a certain book or author with the search box, or find books in a certain topic by using the Categories list and clicking on the topic of interest.  See what’s new in the library on the list of the latest 20 books added to the library collection.  Tell us about one of our books if you’ve read it – helping others to know more about the book – by leaving a comment on the post for that book.  Be sure to look for the number of comments when you see a book’s post to find out what others have discovered about the book.

We also accept donations gladly!  Please use our online donation page to help you decide how you can help.  Or bring your clean unmarked used books to our donation day the first Sunday of each month.  Please read the guidelines for in-person donations before you come.

In all this work we seek to honor and glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and we pray that He will use this work and these books to share the knowledge of Himself so that we will live lives that honor Him.

Find out more about Wabash Church at our web site here.