Welcome to the Wabash Library Online Home and Catalog!

Here is an organized list of resources in the library at Wabash Church.  Each item is a separate post.  Browse the categories for what you are interested in or use the search box to find a favorite author or title.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know what book you’d like by clicking on our Suggestion Box and sending us a note about it.  Thanks!

Come in on Sunday morning and we will help you find one of these books.  Leave a comment on what you think of the book so that others will know more about it. And check out our new periodicals – starting with Tabletalk from Ligonier Ministries – available to read in the library (not for checkout).

To find out what books we add to this list, please “follow” us.  Sign up with your email address and you will receive an email with titles as we add them.

Hint:  Since we sometimes add many books at a time, to avoid receiving many separate emails, go to your subscription dashboard and set your delivery settings to “daily.”  Then you will receive one email with all new books for the day.

See you at Wabash!